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Love is like a fart. Wanna be my fart?




The human body has 7 trillion nerves and some people manage to get on every single fucking one of them




ok so this just hit me

humidifiers fill the air with water molecules from a source of water.image

so what if someone filled a humidifier with holy water. would this essentially cleanse a room of all evil?

Either demons aren’t real, or demons are afraid because humans keep coming up with $40 solutions to demon problems.



What if we are all dead and this is our 7 seconds of our lives flashing before our eyes




I have heard her say this before. She said she might write a love scene for MerDer but they get to choose if they do it with clothes or no clothes.

I wonder also if this had anything to do with her Arizona/Leah lack of touching.

Not sure she applies the same rules in the scenes she writes for Scandal.

She opened a can of worms here by answering this….because how far does she give the actors a say in this? I don’t think as much as she implies.

Wow! Did Shonda put this whole thing on Jessica and Sara’s head?! I feel bad for the twitter onslaught they are definitely about to receive! Or maybe this week we get a scene a good one that is why she is riling us up. Remember how she answered the ‘I love you question’ and the next week thr Calzona were saying ILY to each other.

I don’t think Shonda is entirely leaving it up to the actresses…I mean…both of those actresses (jcap and sara) have done scenes that imply sex but are still more than we get now so I know it’s not the actresses who are “uncomfortable”. It’s gotta be the network who’s restricting them…




I suffer from that syndrome where your neutral expression makes it look like you’re a angry serial killer


Expressing my feelings in a nonchalant way so I won’t feel like I’m bringing people down so much

Hot gay person from chilly Finland. ♀

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